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MawMaw Gift Sign. Make Maw Maw smile by showing her how much she means to you! shelf knick knacks. Christmas present
  • STYLE and SIZE: Bold clean contemporary modern look. Measures 5" x 6" x 1 1/2" . Made of quality materials and can stand freely on a shelf or table. Hardware is also attached for hanging on a wall.
  • ARTWORK: Cute sayings on wood plaques make great art for bedrooms walls desk or tv stands. whether a decoration to show next to a picture frame. Positive Sign to warm up the home.
  • PHOTO SHOOT PROP: Perfect heartfelt prop for a selfie or group photo for or with good family. This sign will give an amazing inspirational and unique touch to any photo.
  • GIFT IDEAS: Wood plaque signs and signage are perfect gifts for your favorite Maw Maw. Perfect for birthdays Christmas, Easter, a birthday, family reunions, Valentines Day, Mother's Day. Meaningful quality keepsake unique novelty.
  • USES AND DECOR: Wooden box sayings and quotes signs with words look cute as novelties in living rooms family rooms a basement in groups groupings wall art in a photo shoot as a prop with related stuff as a home accent for interior decorating as door prizes favors gift baskets hanging or hang in a kitchen fits in rustic and funny theme or themed rooms bedroom next to a basket as things for style or accents to inspire as a great sign decoration for an inspired life in your room.