JennyGems Greek Fraternity and Sorority Paddle 24 Inches - Meets the 24 Inch Suggested Size Greek Paddle Requirement - Greek Life, Unfinished Pine Wood

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Solid pine wood paddle with hole and rope to hang. Ready to decorate. Great for greek life! Unpained, unfinished - ready to decorate for your Big or Little.
  • Size and Quality: Sanded and Unfinished Solid Pine Ready to Paint and Decorate. Solid Pine No Plywood! Measures 24" x 5.5" x 1/2"
  • Greek Life Paddle: This paddle meets the requirements for Greek life. Wood paddle for sorority and fraternity. Give this paddle to your little, big, sorority sister or fraternity brother. Many sororities and fraternities suggest a 24 inch paddle for the official presentation.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Memories: Greek life in the Fraternity and Sorority life start with traditions and your greek paddle you decorate for you big or little and also your Sorority sister and Frat brother. This 24" Greek paddle is the best option to create life long friendships and memories.
  • Frat and Sorority requirements: "Size does Matter, Don't Come Up Short!" Most Frats and Sororities Recommend or Require paddles to 22" to 26". This paddle is easily in this sizing requirement. So don't disappoint with a smaller paddle they may just miss the size or just plain to small.